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Volume 4, Number 2:89-195;2014
American Journal of Cancer Research

Hongyan Chen, Chengshan Xu, Qing’e Jin, Zhihua Liu: S100 protein family in human cancer. Am J Cancer Res 2014;4
(2):89-115. (Full text, PDF).

Felix Amissah, Randolph Duverna, Byron J Aguilar, Rosemary A Poku, Gebre-Egziabher Kiros, Nazarius S Lamango: Polyisoprenylated methylated protein methyl esterase overexpression and hyperactivity promotes lung cancer progression. Am J Cancer Res 2014;4(2):116-134. (Full text, PDF).

Mei Hong, Mingqiang Ren, Jeane Silva, Thomas Kennedy, Justin Choi, John K Cowell, Zhonglin Hao: Sepantronium is a DNA damaging agent that synergizes with PLK1 inhibitor volasertib. Am J Cancer Res 2014;4(2):135-147. (Full text, PDF).

Dongjuan Qiao, Shangjun Tang, Sana Aslam, Matloob Ahmad, Kenneth Kin Wah To, Fang Wang, Zhencong Huang, Jiye Cai, Liwu Fu: UMMS-4 enhanced sensitivity of chemotherapeutic agents to ABCB1-overexpressing cells via inhibiting function of ABCB1 transporter. Am J Cancer Res 2014;4(2):148-160. (Full text, PDF).

Bo Li, Justin M Le Blanc, Yunguang Sun, Lifeng Yang, Nicholas G Zaorsky, Nicholas J Giacalone, Artour Torossian, Bo
Lu: Assessment of M867, a selective caspase-3 inhibitor, in an orthotopic mouse model for non-small cell lung carcinoma. Am J Cancer Res 2014;4(2):161-171. (Full text, PDF).

Raffaella Iannone, Lucio Miele, Piera Maiolino, Aldo Pinto, Silvana Morello: Adenosine limits the therapeutic effectiveness  of anti-CTLA4 mAb in a mouse melanoma model. Am J Cancer Res 2014;4(2):172-181. (Full text, PDF).

Ichiro Yajima, Mayuko Y Kumasaka, Osamu Yamanoshita, Cunchao Zou, Xiang Li, Nobutaka Ohgami, Masashi Kato: GNG2 inhibits invasion of human malignant melanoma cells with decreased FAK activity. Am J Cancer Res 2014;4(2):182-188. (Full text, PDF).

A-Man Xu, Lei Huang, Liang Zhu, Zhi-Jian Wei: Significance of peripheral neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio among gastric cancer patients and construction of a treatment-predictive model: a study based on 1131 cases. Am J Cancer Res 2014;4(2):189-195. (Full text, PDF).
American Journal of Cancer Research
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