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Volume 1, Number 2:128-274;2011
American Journal of Cancer Research

Yao Dai, Jeffrey DeSano, Yang Qu, Wenhua Tang, Yang Meng, Theodore S Lawrence, Liang Xu: Natural IAP inhibitor embelin enhances therapeutic efficacy of ionizing radiation in prostate cancer. Am J Cancer Res 2011;1(2):128-143. (full text, PDF).

Michelle R. Dawson, Sung-Suk Chae, Rakesh K. Jain, Dan G. Duda: Direct evidence for lineage-dependent effects of bone marrow stromal cells on tumor progression. Am J Cancer Res 2011;1(2):144-154. (full text, PDF)

James P. Robinson, Matthew W. VanBrocklin, Andrea J. McKinney, H. Michael Gach, Sheri L. Holmen: Akt signaling is required for glioblastoma maintenance in vivo. Am J Cancer Res 2011;1(2):155-167. (full text, PDF).

Changxue Lu, Alok Mishra, Yuelin J Zhu, Paul Meltzer, Sheue-yann Cheng: Global expression profiling reveals gain-of-function oncogenic activity of a mutated thyroid hormone receptor in thyroid carcinogenesis. Am J Cancer Res 2011;1(2):168-191. (full text, PDF).

Gutian Xiao, Jing Fu: NF-kappaB and cancer: a paradigm of Yin-Yang. Am J Cancer Res 2011;1(2):192-221. (full text, PDF).

Daniela F. Maluf, Bras H. de Oliveira, Enzo Lalli: Therapy of adrenocortical cancer: present and future. Am J Cancer Res 2011;1(2):222-232. (full text, PDF).

Brad Piche, Shahram Khosravi, Magdalena Martinka, Vincent Ho, Gang Li: CDH22 expression is reduced in metastatic melanoma. Am J Cancer Res 2011;1(2):233-239. (full text, PDF).

Hari Koul, Jung-Sik Huh, Kyle O. Rove, Luiza Crompton, Sweaty Koul, Randall B. Meacham, Fernando J. Kim: Molecular aspects in Renal Cancer. Am J Cancer Res 2011;1(2):240-254. (full text, PDF).

Elisabetta Bolli, Elena Quaglino, Maddalena Arigoni, Pier-Luigi Lollini, Raffaele Calogero, Guido Forni, Federica Cavallo: Oncoantigens for an immune prevention of cancer. Am J Cancer Res 2011;1(2):255-264. (full text, PDF).

Valeria Tarallo, Laura Tudisco, Sandro De Falco: A placenta growth factor 2 variant acts as dominant negative of vascular endothelial growth factor A by heterodimerization mechanism. Am J Cancer Res 2011;1(2):265-274. (full text, PDF).
American Journal of Cancer Research
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