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Volume 2, Number 6:620-735;2012
American Journal of Cancer Research

Stacey S Willard, Shahriar Koochekpour: Regulators of gene expression as biomarkers for prostate cancer. Am J Cancer Res 2012;2(6):620-657. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Yunhua Liu, Xiongbin Lu: Non-coding RNAs in DNA damage response. Am J Cancer Res 2012;2(6):658-675. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Peter Boross, Jeanette H W Leusen: Mechanisms of action of CD20 antibodies. Am J Cancer Res 2012;2(6):676-690. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Liyan Xue, Xueying Mao, Guoping Ren, Elzbieta Stankiewicz, Sakunthala C Kudahetti, Dongmei Lin, Luis Beltran,        Daniel M Berney, Yong-Jie Lu: Chinese and western prostate cancers show alternate pathogenetic pathways in association with ERG status. Am J Cancer Res 2012;2(6):2012;2(6):736-744. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Jennifer Y Zhang, Maria Angelica Selim: The role of the c-Jun N-terminal Kinase signaling pathway in skin cancer. Am J Cancer Res 2012;2(6):691-698. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Joung-Sun Park, Yoon-Jeong Choi, Dang Thi Phuong Thao, Young-Shin Kim, Masamitsu Yamaguchi, Mi-Ae Yoo:          DREF is involved in the steroidogenesis via regulation of shadow gene. Am J Cancer Res 2012;2(6):714-725. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Jianfeng Li, Soumya Luthra, Xiao-Hong Wang, Uma R Chandran, Robert W Sobol: Transcriptional profiling reveals elevated Sox2 in DNA polymerase ß null mouse embryonic fibroblasts. Am J Cancer Res 2012;2(6):699-713. (Abstract, full text, PDF, Supplementary data).

Elizabeth M Peek, David R Li, Hanwei Zhang, Hyun Pyo Kim, Baohui Zhang, Isla P Garraway, Arnold I Chin: Stromal modulation of bladder cancer-initiating cells in a subcutaneous tumor model. Am J Cancer Res 2012;2(6):745-751. (Abstract, full text, PDF).

Kevin J Basile, Andrew E Aplin: Downregulation of Noxa by RAF/MEK counteracts cell death response in mutant B-RAF melanoma cells. Am J Cancer Res 2012;2(6):726-735. (Abstract, full text, PDF).
American Journal of Cancer Research
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