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Volume 8, Number 2:207-301;2018
American Journal of Cancer Research

Renu Verma, Prakash C Sharma: Next generation sequencing-based emerging trends in molecular biology of gastric cancer. Am J Cancer Res 2018;8(2):207-225. (Abstract ajcr0069538, Full text, PDF).

Lian-Zi Wei, Yan-Qing Wang, Yun-Li Chang, Na An, Xiao Wang, Pei-Jie Zhou, Helen He Zhu, Yu-Xiang Fang, Wei-Qiang Gao: Imbalance of a KLF4-miR-7 auto-regulatory feedback loop promotes prostate cancer cell growth by impairing microRNA processing. Am J Cancer Res 2018;8(2):226-244. (Abstract ajcr0068245, Full text, PDF).

Dongxia Fu, Yunna Zhang, Haibin Cui: Long noncoding RNA CCAT2 is activated by E2F1 and exerts oncogenic properties by interacting with PTTG1 in pituitary adenomas. Am J Cancer Res 2018;8(2):245-255. (Abstract ajcr0069262, Full text, PDF).

Jian-Jun Chen, Wei Zhang: High expression of WWP1 predicts poor prognosis and associates with tumor progression in human colorectal cancer. Am J Cancer Res 2018;8(2):256-265. (Abstract ajcr0070380, Full text, PDF).

De Qing Wu, Zi Feng Yang, Ke Jian Wang, Xing Yu Feng, Ze Jian Lv, Yong Li, Zhi Xiang Jian: AQP8 inhibits colorectal cancer growth and metastasis by down-regulating PI3K/AKT signaling and PCDH7 expression. Am J Cancer Res 2018;8(2):266-279. (Abstract ajcr0068708, Full text, PDF).

Qiyue Zhang, Jingyuan Wang, Na Li, Zhentao Liu, Zuhua Chen, Zhongwu Li, Yumei Lai, Lin Shen, Jing Gao: miR-34a increases the sensitivity of colorectal cancer cells to 5-fluorouracil in vitro and in vivo. Am J Cancer Res 2018;8(2):280-290. (Abstract ajcr0068351, Full text, PDF).

Hua Chen, Liang Liu, Xiaojian Li, Yan Shi, Ning Liu: MicroRNA-1294 inhibits the proliferation and enhances the chemosensitivity of glioma to temozolomide via the direct targeting of TPX2. Am J Cancer Res 2018;8(2):291-301. (Abstract ajcr0072432, Full text, PDF).

American Journal of Cancer Research
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