Am J Cancer Res 2012;2(3):330-334

Brief Communication
SUMO-activating SAE1 transcription is positively regulated by Myc

Stefano Amente, Miriam Lubrano Lavadera, Giacomo Di Palo, Barbara Majello

Department of Structural and Functional Biology, University of Naples ‘Federico II’, Naples, Italy.

Received February 7, 2012; accepted March 22, 2012; Epub April 21, 2012; Published May 15, 2012

Abstract: Myc protein plays a fundamental role in regulation of cell cycle, proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis by
modulating the expression of a large number of targets. Here we report the transactivation ability of the human Myc protein to
activate the SUMO-activating enzyme SAE1 transcription. We found that Myc activates SAE1 transcription via direct binding to
canonical E-Boxes sequences located close to the SAE1 transcription start site. A recent report has highlighted the crucial role of
the SAE gene expression in Myc mediated oncogenesis. Our study adds new insight in this context since we show here that Myc
directly activates SAE1 transcription, suggesting that Myc oncogenic activity which depends on SAE1 is ensured by Myc itself
through direct binding and transcriptional activation of SAE1 expression. (AJCR00000109).

Keywords: Myc, SUMOylation, SAE1, transcription

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